Within my practice, I am investigating a way to provide an experience through painting, driven by my synesthetic sensations of colour from fleeting moments of everyday life. “Each touch of [Ryman’s] brush is a caress addressed to the canvas, as if the canvas were a living body capable of an erotic response”[1] Robert Ryman’s restricted... Continue Reading →



Is my primary focus the use of colour or texture? The array of colours in one area of the skin? The texture of the paint or the skin? My practice revolves heavily around the concept of broadcasting privacy in a way that is no longer private. Whilst presenting intimacy on a large scale thus removing... Continue Reading →


As an artist, my practice is massively connected to my emotional state, my relationship with others and with intimacy itself. Over the past few months a range of influences have contributed to my work and led it forward, along with my personal journey of witnessing how my emotional contribution has transformed. TRAVEL & CULTURE Research... Continue Reading →


After the recent hand-in of the work from my first year as an NTU Fine Art student and the whole summer ahead of me, it would be incredibly easy to sit back, relax and allow the next three months to breeze by. However, I think it is important that I continue to develop the processes... Continue Reading →

Surface Gallery – NTU Festival 2017

SURFACE GALLERY – 22-25 MARCH 2017 NTU Festival is a collaborative exhibition with Nottingham Trent University Fine Art students and Surface Gallery. The festival has run annually for six years, the 2017 theme being 'The Faraway Nearby'. In this year’s venture, Fine Art students explore the opposing discourses of ‘distance and closeness, separateness and togetherness’[1]... Continue Reading →

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