kneecap, arm, foot not in order (2017)

For my newest series I wanted to paint colour swatches from areas of the body that others found personally intimate, but I did not relate to in the same way. Through the use of surveys and also collecting my research in person I gathered a list of areas that other people found intimate. From my... Continue Reading →



As an artist, my practice is massively connected to my emotional state, my relationship with others and with intimacy itself. Over the past few months a range of influences have contributed to my work and led it forward, along with my personal journey of witnessing how my emotional contribution has transformed. TRAVEL & CULTURE Research... Continue Reading →


After the recent hand-in of the work from my first year as an NTU Fine Art student and the whole summer ahead of me, it would be incredibly easy to sit back, relax and allow the next three months to breeze by. However, I think it is important that I continue to develop the processes... Continue Reading →

Surface Gallery – NTU Festival 2017

SURFACE GALLERY – 22-25 MARCH 2017 NTU Festival is a collaborative exhibition with Nottingham Trent University Fine Art students and Surface Gallery. The festival has run annually for six years, the 2017 theme being 'The Faraway Nearby'. In this year’s venture, Fine Art students explore the opposing discourses of ‘distance and closeness, separateness and togetherness’[1]... Continue Reading →

privacy/skin tone

16.03.2017 By standardizing the all-over tone of the skin, I aim to contemplate how strange it would be if the body were to be just one flat colour. At the moment I am unsure whether I want my main focus to be the differences in tone of one person’s body and highlighting how many distinct shades... Continue Reading →

What am I doing?

A presentation on my contextual studies that I gave earlier this week, along with a studio-visit led to me investigating what influences my practice within art, culture, music, and the general everyday world around me. Behind this presentation, my research tended to revolve around the meaning of an artist’s practice: why are they doing what... Continue Reading →

Guests, 2009

‘They don’t care what you feel, they just make you feel unwanted, nor do they understand.’ Foreign voices. Heavy rain. Translucent shadows. Guests, 2009. FACT Liverpool during the Biennial led me through a mixture of responses. Walking past Krzysztof Wodiczko’s darkened room of exhibiting works Homeless Vehicle and Poliscar bored me, with its documentary-style photography.... Continue Reading →

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